EyKuver®. Simple concept. Revolutionary product.

EyKuver® is family-owned, with deep roots in manufacturing and medical device engineering. That’s how we were able to turn our vision of creating convenient, affordable and portable eye protection for prescription eyeglass wearers into a reality.

Our mission is to create innovative eyewear products that simultaneously protect your eyes and simplify your life, so you don’t miss out on your next adventure.

Awareness around the importance of eye protection had always been top of mind with two close family members who struggle with chronic eye disorders. For them, forgetting their prescription sunglasses often meant missing out on outdoor fun, and we thought, there had to be a more convenient, effective and affordable way to protect eyes on-the-go. We didn’t know it then, but we were planting the seed for a new and innovative solution.

EyKuver® is the modern-day solution to the age-old question, where are my (sun)glasses? We want all prescription eyeglass wearers to enjoy life outdoors without the hassle and expense of using prescription sunglasses.

EyKuver®. The view is about to improve.