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        In the Press: EyKuver + EyeCare Business

        In the Press: EyKuver + EyeCare Business



        Featured in the April 2021 edition of EyeCare Business, EyKuver is making waves in the eye care industry.

        We are honored to be mentioned in Eyecare Business as it is a publication dedicated to delivering the most cutting-edge, retail-focused business-building information for eyecare professionals today. 

        Eyecare Business provides eyecare professionals with the real-world tools they need to thrive in business, and we believe EyKuver is the next step in sun protection for prescription eyeglass wearers. As we are able to spread the word and educate eyecare professionals about our unique, affordable and portable sun solution, we can help ensure more prescription eyeglass users have access to UVA/B protection at all times. 

        Something that sets Eyecare Business apart is the highly engaging, user-friendly format that is sophisticated and style-focused. They are the established leader in delivering the most usable information for eyecare professionals, including current eyewear fashion trends, business building tips, the hottest new frame and lens products, consumer trends and spotting the latest new optical products, like EyKuver.

        We believe the affordability and convenience of EyKuver are two key differentiators with our innovative new product. EyKuver is so slim that you can tuck it into your wallet or pocket, and it’s as simple as peeling back the protective backing and pressing the tinted film directly on the outside of your everyday glasses. The film clings to your lens and won’t damage or scratch your existing lenses. And, at less than $10 for a 3-pack you can afford to stash them anywhere you anticipate needing sun protection from your purse or pocket to your golf, beach or pool bag.

        Check out the feature article in Eyecare Business for more details and shop online to purchase your EyKuver today! 

        The Get-Real Reasons Why You Need to Wear Sunglasses

        sunset glasses eykuver

        Have you ever wondered why sunglasses are so important?

        Far more than a fashion statement or trendy style accessory, sunglasses have a host of benefits from reducing glare and improving vision, to preventing both short and long term eye problems. However, if you are among the millions who wear prescription eyeglasses, protecting your eyes from the sun isn’t as simple as reaching for the nearest pair of everyday sunglasses. 

        By now, most of us know that too much sun can damage our eyes, just as it damages our skin. 




        If your unprotected eyes are exposed to excessive amounts of ultraviolet (UV) rays, you could experience sunburn of the eye, called photokeratitis. As with skin damage, it is the UV radiation from the sun which causes problems.

        Obviously, looking directly at the sun should be avoided and the reflection from snow, water and sand increases the effects, but we should also wear sunglasses on cloudy days to reduce UV radiation reaching our eyes.   

        While photokeratitis can be painful, symptoms usually resolve in a few days, just as a sunburn of the skin would resolve itself with time.


        Common symptoms of photokeratitis are:

        • Gritty feeling in the eyes
        • Excessive blinking and watering
        • Difficulty looking at bright lights
        • Swelling of the eyes
        • Blurred vision

        Take the long view. 

        It’s important to remember that damage to the eyes from UV radiation is cumulative, building over your lifetime, and can have a permanent effect on our eyes and eyesight.

        For RX eyeglass wearers, protecting your eyes should be both convenient and affordable which is exactly why we developed EyKuver. It’s as simple as sticking the protective film to the outside of your prescription glasses to instantly protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh effects. 

        Long term exposure to the sun’s UV/A and UV/B rays make your eyes vulnerable to chronic conditions like premature cataracts. UV rays are one of the known causes of cataracts, a gradual clouding of the lens of the eye that can destroy vision. Cataracts develop slowly, but eventually will result in symptoms like blurriness, halos around lights and blurred vision. Experts say that sunglasses help prevent cataracts and recommend wearing them whenever the light is bright enough to make you squint, even on cloudy days, and especially at higher elevations. 

        Consistent eye protection helps keep serious eye problems from developing such as cancers of the eye and surrounding eye area, and early macular degeneration which leads to a progressive loss of central vision. EyKuver’s patent-pending technology effectively blocks glare and filters out 96% of the sun’s UVA/B rays ensuring your eyes are fully protected.


        Bottom line: Get real and don’t take chances with your eye health especially when EyKuver makes it easier than ever to protect your eyes from sun glare and harmful UV rays.

        Reading the Fine Print

        Reading the Fine Print
        If you’re over 40, it’s possible that you already own a pair of reading glasses, or know someone who does.

        Read more

        2021: A New Year and a New Outlook on Life

        2021: A New Year and a New Outlook on Life

        hand holding glasses out to see the view through them

        Happy New Year! If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that simplifying life can greatly enhance it. We’ve learned to slow down (a bit) and take things in stride and not sweat the small stuff (so much). Often it’s the small stuff that causes the most stress in our daily lives. But, in our family, we understand that when life gets hectic, that’s the time to simplify.

        Most of us wear prescription lenses and after plenty of instances of forgetting or breaking other Rx sun solutions, we looked for a way to effectively eliminate the need to remember, carry or pack additional eyewear. Before now, the best options have been fitover sunglasses, cover-ups, flip-ups, transition style glasses or prescription sunglasses, but none are that simple to use or affordable. Fitover sunglasses are bulky, awkward to position and uncomfortable to layer on top of your everyday glasses.

        While flip-ups and clip-ons are more affordable than coverups, they are typically made of cheaper materials, they break and they don’t offer the best protection for your eyes. Prescription sunglasses or transition style lenses offer great sun protection, but both come with a hefty cost and just like fitovers, you still have to remember to pack them.

        For us, spontaneity is the secret ingredient to the best outdoor adventures, so none of these options met the standard we were looking for...So we created a new one.

        eykuver film being applied to glasses


        EyKuver’s patent-pending film protects from glare and harmful UV rays and the ultra-thin design easily tucks into your pocket, purse or wallet until you need it. It’s durable, disposable and won’t damage or scratch your everyday RX lenses. What we love most, hands down, is the convenience. It’s fun to be able to instantly transform your everyday prescription eyewear into prescription sunglasses. Just peel, stick and go. It’s that simple!

        We always encourage our customers to purchase several 3-packs, and give them a few solid tries to experience the benefits. Stash them anywhere you foresee yourself needing sunglasses. We stash EyKuver in our cars, wallets, purses, backpacks and jacket pockets, so we can stay focused on what’s most important: living a stress-free, active life. 

        rear view mirror

        Oh and you, 2020? It’s good to see you in the rearview mirror. 

        Hello 2021! The view is certainly improving so far.

        In the press: Steamboat Pilot

        In the press: Steamboat Pilot

        woman wearing eykuver film on glasses in winter coat holding coffee with mittens

        People are starting to take notice of EyKuver, a new product offering instant ultraviolet and sun glare protection for prescription eyeglass wearers, and the Steamboat Pilot is no different. In this in-depth article, the Steamboat Pilot speaks with EyKuver founder, Marcus Boggs, and goes into detail about how the idea for EyKuver came to fruition. Boggs goes on to share how this product will revolutionize sun and glare UV protection for anyone wearing RX glasses and why eye protection really is a matter of convenience.  

        EyKuver is a portable and affordable pre-cut eyeglass cling that is offered in two sizes,  fitting most prescription glasses on the market. Each package includes either a blue or a grey tinted film for each lens and is slim enough to fit in a jacket pocket, purse or even a wallet. What’s more, the patent-pending film won’t damage or scratch your existing lenses. The concept is simple but the end result is a radical new approach to sun protection for prescription eyeglass wearers. 

        Until now, most sun solutions marketed to prescription eyeglass wearers were expensive, cumbersome, bulky, easy to break or easy to forget. EyKuver is changing that with its sleek design that is both affordable and portable. You can stash EyKuver in your car, backpack, purse, pocket, golf, beach or bike bag for instantaneous protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

        Even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, but are at an age where you need reading glasses, you might enjoy the convenience of EyKuver. Reading at the park or on the beach no longer has to be a struggle, or a choice between being able to read the fine print and protecting your eyes. Simply press EyKuver onto the outside of your reading glasses and the tinted film instantly transforms your readers into sunglasses. 

        Born from Boggs' fascination with products that simplify everyday life and his deep roots in medical manufacturing, EyKuver offers brand new technology in protective eyewear that is improving the view for prescription eyeglass wearers everywhere.