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In the Press: EyKuver + EyeCare Business

    Featured in the April 2021 edition of EyeCare Business, EyKuver is making waves in the eye care industry. We are honored to be mentioned in Eyecare Business as it is a publication dedicated to delivering the most cutting-edge, retail-focused business-building information for eyecare professionals today.  Eyecare Business provides eyecare professionals with the real-world tools they need to thrive in business, and we believe EyKuver is the next step in sun protection for prescription eyeglass wearers. As we are able to spread the word and educate eyecare professionals about our unique, affordable and portable sun solution, we can help ensure more prescription eyeglass users have access to UVA/B protection at all times.  Something that sets Eyecare Business apart is...

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The Get-Real Reasons Why You Need to Wear Sunglasses

Have you ever wondered why sunglasses are so important? Far more than a fashion statement or trendy style accessory, sunglasses have a host of benefits from reducing glare and improving vision, to preventing both short and long term eye problems. However, if you are among the millions who wear prescription eyeglasses, protecting your eyes from the sun isn’t as simple as reaching for the nearest pair of everyday sunglasses.  By now, most of us know that too much sun can damage our eyes, just as it damages our skin.    If your unprotected eyes are exposed to excessive amounts of ultraviolet (UV) rays, you could experience sunburn of the eye, called photokeratitis. As with skin damage, it is the UV...

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2021: A New Year and a New Outlook on Life

Happy New Year! If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that simplifying life can greatly enhance it. We’ve learned to slow down (a bit) and take things in stride and not sweat the small stuff (so much). Often it’s the small stuff that causes the most stress in our daily lives. But, in our family, we understand that when life gets hectic, that’s the time to simplify. Most of us wear prescription lenses and after plenty of instances of forgetting or breaking other Rx sun solutions, we looked for a way to effectively eliminate the need to remember, carry or pack additional eyewear. Before now, the best options have been fitover sunglasses, cover-ups, flip-ups, transition style glasses or prescription sunglasses, but...

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