In the press: Steamboat Pilot

woman wearing eykuver film on glasses in winter coat holding coffee with mittens

People are starting to take notice of EyKuver, a new product offering instant ultraviolet and sun glare protection for prescription eyeglass wearers, and the Steamboat Pilot is no different. In this in-depth article, the Steamboat Pilot speaks with EyKuver founder, Marcus Boggs, and goes into detail about how the idea for EyKuver came to fruition. Boggs goes on to share how this product will revolutionize sun and glare UV protection for anyone wearing RX glasses and why eye protection really is a matter of convenience.  

EyKuver is a portable and affordable pre-cut eyeglass cling that is offered in two sizes,  fitting most prescription glasses on the market. Each package includes either a blue or a grey tinted film for each lens and is slim enough to fit in a jacket pocket, purse or even a wallet. What’s more, the patent-pending film won’t damage or scratch your existing lenses. The concept is simple but the end result is a radical new approach to sun protection for prescription eyeglass wearers. 

Until now, most sun solutions marketed to prescription eyeglass wearers were expensive, cumbersome, bulky, easy to break or easy to forget. EyKuver is changing that with its sleek design that is both affordable and portable. You can stash EyKuver in your car, backpack, purse, pocket, golf, beach or bike bag for instantaneous protection from the sun’s harmful rays. 

Even if you don’t wear prescription glasses, but are at an age where you need reading glasses, you might enjoy the convenience of EyKuver. Reading at the park or on the beach no longer has to be a struggle, or a choice between being able to read the fine print and protecting your eyes. Simply press EyKuver onto the outside of your reading glasses and the tinted film instantly transforms your readers into sunglasses. 

Born from Boggs' fascination with products that simplify everyday life and his deep roots in medical manufacturing, EyKuver offers brand new technology in protective eyewear that is improving the view for prescription eyeglass wearers everywhere.