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In the Press: New Atlas takes note of EyKuver’s “tinted sunglass stickers”

In the Press: New Atlas takes note of EyKuver’s “tinted sunglass stickers”

As a start-up business with a new-to-market innovation, it’s always exciting to get noticed, let alone by a publication with a global reach. EyKuver and our non-adhesive, UV-blocking “sunglass stickers” were featured last month in New Atlas, an online magazine celebrating human endeavor across all fields of science, technology, and design with a worldwide audience of over five million readers per month.

With over a decade of covering innovation, New Atlas featured EyKuver, and our revolutionary tinted stickers that transform prescription eyeglasses into sunglasses, in their May 28, 2021 edition. While there are plenty of options on the market for adding sun glare and UV protection for prescription eyeglass wearers, New Atlas declares our product to be “lighter, simpler, quite affordable and rather intuitive.” Essentially, it’s a sunglass “sticker” that is non-adhesive and clings to your RX eyeglass lens, providing comprehensive sun protection without leaving behind a sticky residue.

New Atlas hits the nail on the proverbial head when they note that, “EyKuvers could serve as a useful accessory to keep outdoor lovers moving, even if they forget their primary prescription sunglasses.” That’s exactly why we designed our tinted films to be portable, affordable, and disposable -- to help keep you active and enjoying your favorite outdoor activity all year long! 

We designed EyKuver to peel off as easily as they press on so you can quickly transform your RX glasses into sunglasses without missing a beat. Think of EyKuver as a non-adhesive window sticker that easily clings to your glasses, while reducing sun glare and blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays. With two colors to choose from and a price point under $10 for a 3-pack, grab your EyKuver today and see why this is the most practical “sticker” you’ve ever purchased!

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