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        How to Prevent Macular Degeneration

        How to Prevent Macular Degeneration
        Macular degeneration is generally age-related and most commonly affects people 55 years and older. People 60 and older who have a family history of macular degeneration are at an increased risk for developing the eye disease. And while you can’t control your genetics, there are numerous risk factors that are under your control.

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        What's best for you, EyKuver, Clip Ons, or Wearover Sunglasses?

        What's best for you, EyKuver, Clip Ons, or Wearover Sunglasses?
        Rest assured, there are 3 affordable and effective eye protection options for prescription eyeglass wearers: static cling film, clip on sunglasses, and wearover sunglasses. Each type of aftermarket eye protection mentioned is effective, functional and has strengths and weaknesses. This article will help you find which type of eye protection is best for you. 

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        Protecting Kid's Eye's from the Sun

        Protecting Kid's Eye's from the Sun

        Kid’s eyes are developing which makes having the right sun protection for their eyes even more important. In fact, children especially need protection from the sun because their eyes haven’t developed enough to adequately protect them from UV radiation in the same way an adult’s eyes can. The lenses of a child’s eye allows 70% more UV rays to enter it than an adult’s eye. 

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        Who Uses EyKuver?

        Who Uses EyKuver?
        If you wear eyeglasses and spend time outdoors EyKuver instant sunglasses will make your life simpler and more enjoyable. 

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        The Get-Real Reasons Why You Need to Wear Sunglasses

        sunset glasses eykuver

        Have you ever wondered why sunglasses are so important?

        Far more than a fashion statement or trendy style accessory, sunglasses have a host of benefits from reducing glare and improving vision, to preventing both short and long term eye problems. However, if you are among the millions who wear prescription eyeglasses, protecting your eyes from the sun isn’t as simple as reaching for the nearest pair of everyday sunglasses. 

        By now, most of us know that too much sun can damage our eyes, just as it damages our skin. 




        If your unprotected eyes are exposed to excessive amounts of ultraviolet (UV) rays, you could experience sunburn of the eye, called photokeratitis. As with skin damage, it is the UV radiation from the sun which causes problems.

        Obviously, looking directly at the sun should be avoided and the reflection from snow, water and sand increases the effects, but we should also wear sunglasses on cloudy days to reduce UV radiation reaching our eyes.   

        While photokeratitis can be painful, symptoms usually resolve in a few days, just as a sunburn of the skin would resolve itself with time.


        Common symptoms of photokeratitis are:

        • Gritty feeling in the eyes
        • Excessive blinking and watering
        • Difficulty looking at bright lights
        • Swelling of the eyes
        • Blurred vision

        Take the long view. 

        It’s important to remember that damage to the eyes from UV radiation is cumulative, building over your lifetime, and can have a permanent effect on our eyes and eyesight.

        For RX eyeglass wearers, protecting your eyes should be both convenient and affordable which is exactly why we developed EyKuver. It’s as simple as sticking the protective film to the outside of your prescription glasses to instantly protect your eyes from the sun’s harsh effects. 

        Long term exposure to the sun’s UV/A and UV/B rays make your eyes vulnerable to chronic conditions like premature cataracts. UV rays are one of the known causes of cataracts, a gradual clouding of the lens of the eye that can destroy vision. Cataracts develop slowly, but eventually will result in symptoms like blurriness, halos around lights and blurred vision. Experts say that sunglasses help prevent cataracts and recommend wearing them whenever the light is bright enough to make you squint, even on cloudy days, and especially at higher elevations. 

        Consistent eye protection helps keep serious eye problems from developing such as cancers of the eye and surrounding eye area, and early macular degeneration which leads to a progressive loss of central vision. EyKuver’s patent-pending technology effectively blocks glare and filters out 96% of the sun’s UVA/B rays ensuring your eyes are fully protected.


        Bottom line: Get real and don’t take chances with your eye health especially when EyKuver makes it easier than ever to protect your eyes from sun glare and harmful UV rays.