Reading the Fine Print

If you’re over 40, it’s possible that you already own a pair of reading glasses, or know someone who does.

Reading glasses are a common solution for those with presbyopia, the age-related eye condition that causes the eye's lens to become more rigid over the years, decreasing a person's near vision.

In layman terms, donning a pair of reading glasses is an inevitable part of aging.

For those of us who don’t need prescription eyewear, but are over 40 and need assistance while reading, EyKuvers may be the ultimate solution for reading in sun-drenched situations. Since EyKuver launched in 2020, we’ve received a ton of emails and messages on Facebook (@eykuver) and we are seeing a trend. We’ve had so many people write to tell us how much they love the convenience and ease of EyKuver for reading outdoors.

Enjoy reading at the park or on the beach? No problem, EyKuver adheres directly to your readers to offer UVA/B protection while you read. Love dining al fresco, but can’t read the menu? No problem, stash EyKuver in your pocket, purse or wallet and convert your reading glasses to sunglasses in seconds, ensuring your lunch order is to your liking.

It’s nice to know you no longer have to choose between being able to read the fine print or protecting your eyes from harsh glare and UVA/B rays. But don’t take our word for it, check out what these happy customers have to say.