Protect Your Vision Summer Gear Giveaway

We're kicking off summer with a goal to help you protect your vision. So to 'celebrate your shades' for National Sunglasses Day, and win over $150 worth of outdoor gear from local Steamboat Springs outfitters, enter EyKuver's Summer Giveaway!

With more time spent outdoors, from backyard BBQs and bike rides to splashing at the pool, there are endless opportunities to get outside and enjoy the warmer weather. We want you to do just that, but while also protecting those peepers from the sun's harmful rays! 



 If you haven’t been diligent about protecting your eyes while outside, now is definitely the time to get serious about your eyewear game. Not only is June the official start to summer and all things outdoorsy, but June 27th is also “National Sunglasses Day” (yes, it’s a thing)!  This holiday has been celebrated for over a decade, since at least 2009, and is a great reminder to us all about the importance of protecting our eyes from damaging UV rays. 



Ultraviolet (UV) radiation can penetrate the Earth’s atmosphere at any time or place, but certain regions have heightened radiation levels. UV rays are particularly strong near the equator and at higher altitudes so people in these areas should be extra vigilant with their eye protection. EyKuver is a Colorado company based in Steamboat Springs and we know firsthand how harsh the sun rays can be. That is why we are bringing awareness to “Protect your Vision” for the entire month of June.


EyKuvers National Sunglasses Day 


Given the harm that the sun’s UV rays can do to the eyes, it is essential that everyone -- adults and children alike --  wear proper eye protection while outside, regardless of the season, but especially in summer. Sunglasses continue to be the most effective tool for preventing immediate and long-term UV eye damage but what if you wear prescription eyeglasses? With traditional solutions, like flip-ups or cover ups, Rx eyeglass wearers still had to remember to pack their extra eyewear. That’s why EyKuver is the perfect summer accessory. 

EyKuver are small enough to stash anywhere - pocket, purse, wallet, beach bag, backpack, golf bag, suitcase, and car - and affordable enough that you actually can stash them everywhere you envision yourself needing sun protection. This thin, tinted film (now in two colors Blue and Gray) that adheres directly to your prescription lenses offers the same sun glare and UV protection as traditional sunglasses at a small fraction of the price. Convenient, portable, and affordable, EyKuver is the ultimate summer accessory for Rx eyeglass wearers! 




Protect your vision and win killer outdoor gear from the Rockies. Sign up to win this Rocky Mountain badass bundle! Sourced from Steamboat Springs, CO (our hometown), we gathered some of favorite summer essentials for outdoor adventure and protection from the elements. 

  • Smartwool Socks 
  • Sawyer Stay-Put Sunscreen
  • BAP/Big Agnes Up-cycled Tote
  • Sweetwater Beef Jerky
  • Nite Ize GearTies
  • Honey Stinger Waffles - Short Stack
  • Adventure Medical Kits - Daytripper Lite
  • Steamboat Coffee Company - Morning Gloria Dark Roast
  • EyKuvers, of course!

Sign up today for your chance to win! Winner will be announced on National Sunglass Day on June 27th.

And...for a complete guide to UV radiation in your area, check out the sun safety UV index and don’t forget to protect your vision this month and the whole year through.