Active Lives + Healthy Eyes

If you are blessed with healthy eyes that aren’t overly sensitive to sunlight and glare, then you likely haven’t given a ton of consideration to eye protection. Lucky you! However, if you are among the estimated 57% who wear prescription eyewear, then chances are you have dealt with the inconvenience of forgetting your prescription sunglasses and the disappointment of missing your favorite outdoor activity or having to squint your way through it. 

According to The Vision Council, prolonged UVA and UVB exposure can lead to issues ranging from eye irritation and fatigue, difficulty with vision to red, swollen eyes from sunburn. In rare cases, cancer can occur. The bottom line is it’s time to start viewing eyewear as more than a fashion statement and consider eye protection for what it is, an essential element of your overall health. 

woman driving car wearing eykuvers

According to The Vision Council, surveys suggest that adult Americans are most likely to wear sunglasses while driving, spending time outdoors, watching or playing sports and near a body of water. The problem for prescription eyeglass wearers has been remembering to pack a second pair of glasses for sun and glare protection. Let’s face it. Life is fast-paced and hectic and remembering the essentials is often easier said than done. 

EyKuver is revolutionizing the way prescription eyeglass wearers think about UV protection. With our disposable films, protecting your eyes is as simple as peeling off the backing and placing the blue or gray film directly to your prescription lens. When the sun has set, peel them film off, and get on with your day (or your evening). And, because EyKuvers are small enough to fit in your wallet or pocket, you never have to be caught without UV protection again. Reminder: EyKuver is truly the perfect stocking stuffer so grab a few for your lens-wearing loved ones!

stocking on mantle with EyKuvers peeking out


EyKuver was designed with healthy eyes and an active lifestyle in mind. Adventure is calling, what will you see?