2021: A New Year and a New Outlook on Life

hand holding glasses out to see the view through them

Happy New Year! If 2020 taught us anything, it’s that simplifying life can greatly enhance it. We’ve learned to slow down (a bit) and take things in stride and not sweat the small stuff (so much). Often it’s the small stuff that causes the most stress in our daily lives. But, in our family, we understand that when life gets hectic, that’s the time to simplify.

Most of us wear prescription lenses and after plenty of instances of forgetting or breaking other Rx sun solutions, we looked for a way to effectively eliminate the need to remember, carry or pack additional eyewear. Before now, the best options have been fitover sunglasses, cover-ups, flip-ups, transition style glasses or prescription sunglasses, but none are that simple to use or affordable. Fitover sunglasses are bulky, awkward to position and uncomfortable to layer on top of your everyday glasses.

While flip-ups and clip-ons are more affordable than coverups, they are typically made of cheaper materials, they break and they don’t offer the best protection for your eyes. Prescription sunglasses or transition style lenses offer great sun protection, but both come with a hefty cost and just like fitovers, you still have to remember to pack them.

For us, spontaneity is the secret ingredient to the best outdoor adventures, so none of these options met the standard we were looking for...So we created a new one.

eykuver film being applied to glasses


EyKuver’s patent-pending film protects from glare and harmful UV rays and the ultra-thin design easily tucks into your pocket, purse or wallet until you need it. It’s durable, disposable and won’t damage or scratch your everyday RX lenses. What we love most, hands down, is the convenience. It’s fun to be able to instantly transform your everyday prescription eyewear into prescription sunglasses. Just peel, stick and go. It’s that simple!

We always encourage our customers to purchase several 3-packs, and give them a few solid tries to experience the benefits. Stash them anywhere you foresee yourself needing sunglasses. We stash EyKuver in our cars, wallets, purses, backpacks and jacket pockets, so we can stay focused on what’s most important: living a stress-free, active life. 

rear view mirror

Oh and you, 2020? It’s good to see you in the rearview mirror. 

Hello 2021! The view is certainly improving so far.